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Alfa Romeo DTC B2734-13


Alfa Romeo DTC




Passenger Presence Detector-Circuit Open


The ORC detects High voltage on the Passenger Occupant Detector Sensor Signal circuit for 2.5 - 5 seconds. The DTC will not latch for the entire ignition cycle. The code goes from Active to Stored 2.5 - 5 seconds after the code setting criteria is gone. This code also covers the Open, and Short to Ground fault. The Occupant Detector Signal Circuit will default to a unoccupied status with the open or short to battery, and short to ground fault.


  • Passenger Occupant Detector Signal Circuit OpenPassenger Occupant Detector Signal Circuit Shorted To VoltagePassenger Seat Occupant Detector Ground Circuit OpenPassenger Seat Occupant Detector Signal Circuit Shorted To The Passenger Seat Occupant Detector Ground CircuitPassenger Seat Occupant Detection SensorOccupant Restraint Controller (Orc)Failure Type: Circuit OpenThis sub type is used for failures, where the control module determines an open circuit via lack of bias voltage, low current flow, no change in the state of an input in response to an output, etc.

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