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Throttle Actuator Control System Idle Position Not Learned (Includes Hybrid Models)


One of these condition must be met for at least 0.7 seconds. (1) The registration of the throttle valve fully closed position is not completed within a predetermined time after the ignition switch is turned ON. (2) The registered value of the throttle valve fully closed position is 0.74 volts TP1, 1.61 volts TP2 or more, or 0.49 volts TP1, 1.37 volts TP2 or less. The execution time is once per driving cycle and DTCs P0122, P0123, P0222, P0223, P2101, P2118, P2135 are not active. NOTE: If DTC P2135 is stored at the same time as DTC P2176, troubleshoot DTC P2135 first, then recheck for DTC P2176.


  • Dirty throttle bodyPoor connections or loose terminals at the throttle body and the PCMOpen circuit between the throttle body and the PCM Faulty throttle bodyPCM may need to be updated with the latest softwareFaulty PCM

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