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Input Shaft (Mainshaft) Speed Sensor Intermittent Failure


If no pulses occur with the input shaft (mainshaft) rotating, the PCM detects a malfunction that may be caused by an open, a temporary open, or a short to ground. The fluctuation of the vehicle speed measured by the input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensor in 10 milliseconds is 4 mph (6km h) or more, and it fluctuates at least six times within 500 milliseconds. NOTE: This code is caused by an electrical circuit problem and cannot be caused by a mechanical problem in the transmission.


  • Poor connections or loose terminals at the input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensor and the PCMOpen or Short in the wire between PCM connector terminal and the input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensor connectorOpen in the wires between PCM connector terminals and ground Faulty input shaft (mainshaft) speed sensorPCM needs to be updated with the latest softwareFaulty PCM

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