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Cold Start Ignition Timing Performance Problem


The execution time is once per driving cycle and the duration time is 3.5 seconds or more and the engine speed is 2,100 rpm or more for at least 3.5 seconds. When the actual engine speed is a specified value or more, and it continues for a specified time, a malfunction is detected. NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, record all freeze data and any on-board snapshot.


  • Poor connections or blockage at the intake air ductDamage at the air cleaner housing Dirt or debris in the air cleaner elementIncorrect ignition timingFaulty Throttle bodyFaulty MAF sensor IAT sensorPoor connections or loose terminals at the CKP sensor, the throttle body, the MAF sensor IAT sensor, ECT sensor 1, ECT sensor 2, and the PCMLow engine coolantFaulty ECT sensor 1, and or ECT sensor 2

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