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Front Air Fuel Ratio (A F) Sensor (Bank 2, Sensor 1) Heater Circuit Malfunction


The execution time is continuous and the duration time is 2 seconds or more. Engine running and battery voltage at 10 volts or more. One of these 2 conditions must be met for at least 2 seconds: (1) No return signal HIGH is detected when the PCM output duty is less than 20%. (2) Return signal does not change when the PCM output duty is more than 20% and less than 80%. NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, record all freeze data and any on-board snapshot.


  • Poor connections or loose terminals at the A F sensor (Sensor 1), the relay and the PCMOpen or Short Circuit between the A F sensors, the relay or PCMFaulty (A F) Sensor (Bank 2, Sensor 1)Faulty PCM

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