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Acura DTC P0102


Acura DTC




Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Circuit Low Voltage


The lower limit of the MAF sensor output is specified. If the output is below that limit, the PCM detects a malfunction and stores a DTC. Execution is continuous and the duration time is 2 seconds or more. The MAF sensor input voltage is 0.1 volt or less for at least 2 seconds. NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, record all freeze data and any on-board snapshot.


  • Poor connections or loose terminals at the MAF sensor IAT sensor and the PCMBlown fuse Open or Short in the wire between the MAF sensor and the fuseOpen or Short in the wire between the PCM and the MAF sensorFaulty MAF sensor IAT sensor PCM may need to be updated with the latest softwareFaulty PCM

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