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Acura DTC B2970


Acura DTC




Climate Control Unit Lost Communication with Relay Control Module (RM message)


Poor communication between the Relay Control Module and the Climate Control Unit. NOTE: If you are troubleshooting multiple DTCs, be sure to follow the instructions in the B-CAN system diagnosis test mode A. If any of the following DTCs are indicated; B1005, B1959, B2162 or B1158, perform the relay control module input test. If no additional codes are present, perform the climate control unit troubleshooting.


  • Loose wire or poor connection on the climate control unit connector A (40P)Poor ground (G302)Blown fuse in the main under-hood fuse boxBlown fuse in the under-dash fuse relay boxOpen circuit between the climate control unit and body groundOpen circuit between the MICU and the climate control unitFaulty Climate Control UnitFaulty Gauge Control Module

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