Audi - 8K0959655 B Siemens 5WK4 3749 - 95320

Audi - 8K0959655 B Siemens 5WK4 3749 - Downloadable Procedure

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Airbag reset: procedure, dump




Airbag reset, Crash data test, chose one of the following options and repair Airbag control device after the accident.




The offer is divided into options to make the work with the device easy. We also take into consideration the technical equipment of the workshop.




First option: Procedure Downloadable File !!!


After choosing this step you will receive an e-mail with the detailed procedure how to remove Crash data in the eeprom memory of Airbag control device. It is up to you which device you will chose to retrieve the memory from the device. Then change the memory content by instructions and inscribe the memory to the device again.




Instructions example: change the address 01 – 1F0 value FF


Rewrite every address from 01 to 1F0 on value FF as you can see it on the picture. For rewriting the Hex editor program is needed.




Second option: Dump


Send the eeprom memory contents by e-mail on our address and we will remove the record about the accident. We will send you back the repaired dump (eerom memory extract) in 24 hours. Send the extract in zip, rar format, please.


After unpacking the folder you need to inscribe the memory to the Airbag control device. You perform the inscribing by your own device.






Important: We are not liable for the incorrect retrieving of the eeprom memory or incorrect inscription to the eeprom. In case of buying the eeprom chip we are not responsible for defects caused by incorrect usage of the soldering iron. The products are tested before the expedition, Maxidot, s.r.o. guaranteed.


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